I’m very proud to announce that Simulcation Datacenter will launch this Wednesday May 17th at an IBM TSS education event in Radolfzell, Germany. It marks the culmination of all our efforts as a team, and I couldn’t be more excited to see the first users create their own virtual datacenters. It’s been a long road that’s brought together an incredibly diverse team, in close collaboration with our partners IBM.

The first users will be a small group of IBM employees and Business Partners who will experience a sneak peek at our technology before we go on to roll it out to more Business Partners and – later this year – the general public. It’s all part of our ambition to transform professional education for datacenter managers and IT staff, allowing them to safely model their complex purchasing decisions to find the right mix of hardware, software and services, whilst also having fun.
Learning doesn’t have to be laborious, and technology has advanced to the point where we’re able to closely simulate the reality facing datacenter managers, in the same way that pilots and surgeons now often learn through simulations. How do I choose the right partners? How do I know this mix of hardware will work? And how do I build in better efficiency? We designed Simulcation Datacenter to help IT professionals to actively work through these issues, without the real-world cost of making mistakes.
Simulcation Datacenter is also engaging and competitive. By switching between the different ‘views’, users will be able to see the impact of their datacenter decisions on customer experience and on the success or failure of their virtual organization. Users will eventually be able to compete against professionals from across the globe as they race to increase organizational profitability and expand their virtual market share.
This is something truly groundbreaking, building on the science that says that learning through simulations leads to better performance, higher skills, longer memory, and more confidence when obstacles appear. I’m looking forward to hearing what the first users think. If you’re interested in joining them, you can register now to be one of the first to get an account when we expand later this year, or get in touch to hear more.

 – Arlette Pond, Simulcation CEO