Already a preview user and looking for new ways to get more from your gameplay? Or interested in what’s to come in Simulcation Datacenter? This blog is for you. I’d like to give you a sneak peek at a feature we’re working on: missions.
In a gaming context, missions drive users to achieve specific goals by overcoming a set challenge. To give you a taste, here are three possible missions ‘should you choose to accept them’ for Simulcation Datacenter, which get progressively harder:

Mission 1

You’ve inherited a small, single company datacenter, equipped solely with IBM products. The gauges start to fall as performance fails – do you have what it takes to find and rectify the issue? You’ll need to quickly secure your systems: the faster you act, the more money you’ll retain. Get the mix of products and services right, generate the most income, and you could see yourself top the mission leaderboard.

Mission 2

You take over a multivendor mid-sized datacenter, equipped with leading architecture from Juniper, Lenovo, Rittal and more. Keep your eye on the gauges and uncover where problems lie. Keep things stable and secure to maximize transactions and see your customer satisfaction levels soar to win a spot on the mission leaderboard.

Mission 3

You’re asked to step in to manage a mature, well-established and large datacenter. Something’s missing and you must hunt for the issue and put it right while keeping transaction rates as high as possible. Far more complex, you’ll need to work fast to avoid downtime. If you’re successful, you’ll see your budget rise and could secure a coveted place on the mission leaderboard.

Take your experience further

Designed to take your datacenter knowledge to the next level, these missions are built around common challenges CIOs face, albeit with an accelerated rate of component failure. They will form part of IBM’s TSS Champion education program, which enables customers, sales and IT staff to work through the key driving elements behind a datacenter to increase their understanding of products and services through experience. We’re also creating ‘custom’ missions for our industry partners and sponsors.
Watch this space – preregister for an account, or contact us to find out more.
– Duncan Pond, Simulcation COO