We’re pleased to announce that Simulcation Education Modules are now available beyond our existing corporate partners.

A new way to learn

Simulcation is a ground-breaking datacenter simulation that mimics the kind of real-life challenges faced by datacenter technicians and CIOs. Combined with a raft of gamification elements, it’s an engaging educational tool. For educators, it provides a bedrock in understanding how a datacenter operates, equipping the CIOs of the future. For businesses, it can be used to train staff in specific skills, tailored to the needs of the organization. Users are encouraged to discover strategies and solutions to make their virtual datacenter more efficient, battling hardware and software issues and cyberattacks as they progress.
Simulcation Education Modules are a natural progression, creating customized learning experiences that help an organization meet their goals. User engagement can be incentivized through leader boards and prizes, and can be integrated into an existing learning environment, or accessed directly through our website and app.

For businesses: Show your products in action

Simulcation Education Modules are ideal for training your teams to understand new hardware, software or services, while developing a thorough grasp of the issues faced in datacenters. Completely customizable around your educational aims, our Education Modules encourage participation by providing a series of ‘missions’ for users to complete, all incorporating your choice of real-life components, services and scenarios. Choose from our pre-built starter modules, which will give your teams a good base level of product knowledge and get them accustomed to a new way of learning. Or, collaborate with our team and we’ll tailor-make a three-month educational program around your requirements.

For educators: Train tomorrow’s tech leaders

Simulcation Education Modules are also an ideal teaching resource for schools and higher education. Students take ownership of their own virtual datacenter, learning about the mechanics of success and what it takes to keep an organization’s resources online, secure and stable. They’ll see systems come to life and get experience in making the kinds of decisions CIOs and CTOs make every day.
Ultimately, Simulcation Education Modules bring the theory to life, empowering users to make better product and services decisions or sell your components with greater understanding of how they work – all in a fun, engaging and ‘safe’ environment.

Give your teams education they’ll love

Don’t take our word for it. Simulcation is challenging old, traditional education methods, and users seem to love it. Recent feedback from a group of Tech Data Germany employees showed that they enjoyed experimenting with a new, more immersive way to learn. One user told us, ‘I was selling these boxes for years. With Simulcation, for the first time I can see how they look in a datacenter and how a datacenter works.

Simulcation Education Modules are tailored challenges, customized for our corporate partners. Empower your sales and support staff by giving them product information in a fully immersive, engaging way. Let them have fun while experimenting with the wider implications of product decisions on our virtual datacenter.
See the power of Simulcation Education Modules for yourself – try a free module now.

Interested in hearing more about customization and pricing? Email us on info@simulcation.com