Keen to show staff their products in action, Tech Data Germany recently used a Simulcation Education Module.
Running from October to January, a select group of 20 Tech Data sales, services and client support personnel had the opportunity to learn and explore in our unique virtual datacenter environment. Participation was incentivised with prizes as participants progressed through a series of missions with team leaderboards showing who had found the most efficient solution. Competition encouraged engagement, but all participants were winners – they enjoyed the benefits of exploring their virtual datacenter and a new way of learning.

Innovation in action

Simulcation simulates a datacenter that mimics real-life challenges users already experience, together with gamification elements to make education relevant, engaging and challenging. Participants discover strategies and solutions to make their datacenter increasingly efficient, battling cyberattacks and hardware and software issues along the way.
Simulcation Education Modules are part of our commitment to ‘making learning fun’. Completely customizable for our corporate partners, they encourage participation with different challenges for users to tackle, all incorporating real-life components, services and close-to-life scenarios. Starter modules are designed to give users a good base level of product understanding and get them accustomed to a new way of learning. Education Modules are ideal for training in new hardware, incidents or support services, letting staff see the wider impact of particular products in a datacenter – all in a fun, engaging and ‘safe’ environment.
It’s a model that’s challenging old, traditional education methods. Tech Data Germany’s participants certainly agreed. They enjoyed experimenting with a new, more immersive way of learning.

What participants thought

Tech Data Germany’s staff thoroughly enjoyed participating – and are looking forward to starting their next module. One user said, ‘I was selling these boxes for years. With Simulcation, for the first time I can see how they look in a datacenter and how a datacenter works.’
Another said, ‘I really liked discovering tricks to increase revenue and ranking – doing all kinds of additions, even beyond what was taught in the education module.’

A proud moment

Simulcation congratulates Tech Data Germany and mission winners on their successful graduation.
Right: Winners David Tront and Nick Notter; Organizer Shafak Yikilmazlar.
We’re proud to support Tech Data – ranked 83rdon the Fortune 500® – in educating their sales and support staff through cutting-edge simulation technology. At the end of the module, we were thrilled to award the final prizes to those that topped the leader board, and we look forward to welcoming Tech Data Germany to their next Simulcation Education Module.
Simulcation Education Modules are tailored challenges, customised for our corporate partners. Empower your sales and support staff by giving them product information in a fully immersive, engaging way. Let them have fun while experimenting with the wider implications of product decisions on our virtual datacenter. Interested in using the power of Simulcation with your teams? Email us on to find out more.