Simulcation is  now available for download in the App Store, meaning you can now experience our groundbreaking Datacenter simulation on your iPad or iPhone.

Pick up exactly where you left off

Learning shouldn’t end when you leave your desk. By downloading our iOS app, you’ll have access to all the same great features and be able to continue your journey in Simulcation. All you need is WIFI or roaming data access. And it’s easy to take your progress with you and keep the momentum going. If you log off your desktop to head out, you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off on the move on any iOS device.

For new and existing users

New users can download and register directly in the app. Existing users can download and log in using the same details they use on desktop. It’s that simple. For the best user experience, we’d recommend using a tablet or larger screen – but on iPhone you’ll still have access to all the same dashboards, stats panels and virtual elements you know and love from desktop.

About Simulcation

Designed by a team who previously worked onThe Sims, SimCity and Monopoly: Here and Now Edition, Simulcation offers a unique, interactive simulated Datacenter environment. Engaging and immersive, users must work to solve some of the common challenges datacenter managers and CIOs face daily. Featuring gamification elements to incentivize learning and collaboration, and close-to-life components and services, it’s being used by a wide range of organizations. From IBM and TechData, to schools, universities and interested individuals, it’s training the tech leaders of tomorrow and reinforcing product education in an innovative way.

Experience it for yourself. Download the app or register online now, or contact us to talk about using Simulcation with your students or teams.