We’re thrilled to announce that Simulcation is now available in 11 global languages. That opens the door for more people – from Indonesia to Italy – to experience our unique learning environment in their native language. ようこそ。

Now available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Indonesian, Simulcation is more accessible than ever. Teams, educators and classes the world over can enjoy Simulcation’s groundbreaking Datacenter simulation in multiple territories, wherever they have internet.
Engaging and empowering, Simulcation is being used to train up future tech leaders and CTOs, as well as educating sales teams and business partners on the latest real-world product features. It’s also enabling tech teams to experiment with their decisions in a ‘safe’ stimulated environment. Mimicking the kinds of challenges Datacenter managers experience day-to-day, Simulcation encourages users to go deeper, seeing the impact of hardware, software and services decisions play out in the wider success of their own virtual organization.

Experience Simulcation globally. Download the app or register online now, or contact us to talk about using Simulcation with your students or teams.