Simulation Expands Customer Services

We now offer an expanded set of services to our customers. Working with IBM and business partners has been a great experience and has expanded our capabilities. We are pleased to offer in addition to our development services and Simulcation integrations:

  • Online Product & Brand consulting
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual & User Interface Design


Online Product & Brand Consulting

Your digital brand’s presentation to the world is the face of your business. Connecting your product with customers through an optimal user journey that reduces churn, increases retention and customer satisfaction is our goal.


User Experience Design

Intuitive and easy experiences for your customers results in higher adoption of your digital product. We create simple and intuitive customer journeys that increase engagement. We use site analytics and customer testing to arrive at a frictionless design.


Visual & User Interface Design

Interface and content visuals must reinforce the intended experience.  Visuals affect the usability and success of a product, and its appeal must be carefully considered and designed. A clean and intuitive functional interface is a necessity for today’s digital experiences. 


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