Simulcation was founded in 2015 by Duncan and Arlette Pond.


We offer design and production services for digital content from simulations to sites. Our 30 years of experience in digital products and solutions make us your expert partner to bring your brand or product to the global digital market.

Prior to 2015 Arlette and Duncan created the Swiss company Crown ADAM AG and in the U.S. co-founded the firms of Fluent Entertainment and Alpha Omega Productions LLC.


Duncan Pond

Duncan Pond

Duncan is passionate about applications, and after publishing over 30 titles to date for Mobile PC and Console, he will tell you he is only getting started. His entertainment titles have not only been successful, topping multiple charts in many countries but award-winning as well. His track record for delivering chart-topping, standout titles is impressive. Over the course of his career, thus far, he has built new IP’s that redefined genres, took non-digital brands into the digital realm with fantastic success, and steered the creative path of several disruptive companies. What will he do next?

With experience across the board in creative services ranging from digital brand design, art direction, gamification, and application design, Duncan is the perfect partner for creating, producing and distributing digital projects for mobile, online, or PCs. His ability for imaginative creativity married with pragmatic experience from numerous industry initiatives shaped a rare talent for product vision, with the result of many successful product realizations.

Arlette Pond

Arlette Pond

E-learning entrepreneur, with over 25 years’ experience defining what’s needed in organizations and delivering ground-breaking educational tools and content to help them achieve their objectives. Specializes in producing learning content for both adults and children, educational institutions and businesses.

Driven by an ethos of ‘making learning fun’, leverages the power of digital and simulation environments to engage users in achieving their learning goals and help organizations tackle their educational challenges.

Expertise: Simulations, education, gamification, e-learning, e-commerce, agile development, design thinking, user experience, casual games, educational games, commercial applications, cross-platform development, and project management.