DESIGN: Web UI/UX, Logo, Identity system

HEMAG Balgach AG is a respected manufacturer of specialty machine parts in Switzerland. In 2018 the firm consolidated a new production line from Energy We worked with both firms on branding and collateral systems.


The original identity design was created for G&L Anstalt Co., then transferred to HEMAG  Balgach AG after a consolidation.

G&L, the original stakeholders had an idea in mind with branding for a product line already defined and in production. They contacted us for a brand identity and a trade show collateral system they could take on the road. 

After the consolidation with HEMAG, the branding requirement was to identify EP with the HEMAG brand, but at the same time modernizing and bringing individuality to the firms existing brand. 

The final step was to create an updated identity for the initiative, then expand this with an online presence to continue building brand awareness, and finally an updated collateral system for exposition and keynote use for both EP and HEMAG.