Project: IBM TSS Value Simulation

DESIGN: Online Application IA/UX/UI, production and art direction on project videos

IBM TSS Value Simulation: Bespoke Enterprise Application

A bespoke online application designed to simulate reactive and proactive incident strategies associated with industry-specific technical support service approaches and how these practices impact client businesses and resulting IT costs.

Our Design Steps

The design process involved four steps including definition, modeling, prototyping, and testing. Development was undertaking in two rounds.

1. Information Architecture

Working directly with App specifications such as description documents, Excel files, or direct stakeholder inputs the application’s skeleton features, freehand diagrams, and user flows are outlined.

2. Wireframing

With approved freehand visualizations and user flows the app can take shape in application wireframes ready for the user and stakeholder paper testing. Modifications to the design are easily made.

3. Prototyping

Fully interactive app prototypes built from code-ready User Interface design with fully realized app features are used to test and refine the UX with feedback from stakeholders and users alike.

4. Development

For this project development was executed on two stages of the design process. The first round was executed with approved wireframes as the unique core features of the app were well defined. Secondly the final development rounds and testing were undertaken with approval of the prototype UI. The final rounds refined the User Experience based on testing and the application’s User Interface was implemented.