DEVELOPMENT: Architecture, SaaS, Back-end Cloud, Java, Web, Databases, RestAPI

DESIGN: Application UI/UX, Web UI/UX, Graphics, Art Direction

MANAGEMENT: Agile, Scrum, Tech Design and Tech Documentation

The school district of St. Gallen Switzerland was searching for a competent partner to undertake a complete refresh and new distribution system of older CD products for still-in-use Math courses and lessons. We were selected to bid for the project and won the selection process.

We re-designed, produced, launched and manage the new AWS cloud-driven HTML5 applications. Leveraging the ease-of-use of a browser app students can log in and use the cross-platform app from anywhere anytime in addition to the classroom.

Customer Portal

Canton St. Gallen Online Shop

We increased the engagement with the education content with an integration of a gamification system of our own design, that both rewards students with customizable ‘stickers’, as well provide useful tracking metrics for educators in the backend admin section of the application.

In addition, we provided a full licensing system the school district uses for school distribution and subscriptions.