DEVELOPMENT: Architecture, SaaS, Back-end Cloud, Java, Web, Databases, RestAPI, C++, Unity

DESIGN: Application UI/UX, Web UI/UX, 3D Graphics, Vector Graphics, Art Direction

MANAGEMENT: Agile, Scrum, Tech Design and Tech Documentation

Simulcation Datacenter is comprised of a suite of applications created for the education of IBM’s specific suite of hardware offerings and technical support services. Targeted for IBM business partners and internal staff.

The application suite goal for IBM is to educate the complicated relationship between hardware, software, and services in a safe 3D simulated business environment – Simulcation Datacenter. With a data center at its core, the learner can experience specific education content in the environment and explore the implications and options around the presented content. In this way, the learner gets a ‘close to life’ experiences of using products and / or services, and safely experience the positive as well as the potential risks that a real-life customer may encounter.