DESIGN: Application UI/UX, Web UI/UX, 3D Graphics, Vector Graphics

MANAGEMENT: Agile Scrum, Visual Design and Styleguide Documentation

Weather Cam: On-the-go travel weather with travel steps, calendar, and events 


Designed for the traveler, WeatherCAM combines features of weather, world CAM, travel planners, and event applications focused around the active and upcoming destinations

Save time, never miss a connection, and know what weather to expect. With the combined focus on trip schedules, travel conditions, destination offers, and events all organized for an intuitive traveling experience, complete destination info and actions is right at your fingertips, in a single app

Once trip details are forwarded via email an AI will automatically add the location, retrieve weather and cam data, destination offers, a countdown to the trip, retrieve weather and travel alerts for the trip, time tables, and much more

For the traveler’s home location, events, offers, and alerts are presented, plus commuter info.

  • The location weather view features a realtime LIVE or recent CAM view of the local. The user can select from several LIVECAM streams
  • Current temp, condition, high/low temp, local date/time, precipitation amount and percentage, sunlight daily duration estimate and wind speed
  • Five days forecast predictions for condition, high temp, participation type, and percentage. Each prediction can be selected for a detailed view
  • Radar default displays infrared participation in blue. When expanded the user has the option to show participation type radar and satellite across the location region with pinch zoom in/out


Events from the travelers iCloud and Google calendars are shown with regional event offers in a unique in-app experience for both events tracking and planning

Regional events can be searched, booked and are added to the calendar automatically, plus your trip travel details are shown in the calendar view

In the hour-by-hour display, the originally booked event details are shown along with quick button actions to initiate calls and emails, plus weather and event type icons with info

For each event, a default alarm is added to your iPhone or Andriod alerts function, so a traveler never misses an upcoming event even if the application is not running

Manually added events can be synced to the travelers iCloud or Google calendars, and syncing from iCloud and Google is available via an easy sync tool with device permissions

  • The events calendar default view is divided into four sections, at the top is a text line dedicated to countdown to the next alerting event. Second, a day-by-day month view with an hour-by-hour day view is inserted for the current or selected day. The current day in the week displays a bright highlight so the traveler can always easily find and return to the current day’s hour-by-hour view. The third section is dedicated to special offers, minimized by default, and at the bottom are current event offers sorted by distance, also minimized by default
  • Upcoming events in the hour-by-hour view are shown with the next step always in a highlight, color-coded green for an event, blue for a traveling step. A forecasted conditions icon and temperature are shown as well as event type icon with info data. If the event was booked via the app the original event highlight info block is shown which can be extended to show all event details

  • For any selected future day an ‘ADD’ button is displayed that allows the traveler to add a personal event, these events can be synced to the travelers iCloud or Google calenders with automated added alerts. Defaults can be edited under settings
  • The week-by-week calendar areas display tags on event days in green for travel step events in blue. Selecting the last day of the view forwards the view into the next month. The hour-by-hour view collapses until a day in the month is selected


Save time with integrated Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) from Amadeus. The system integrates all of a travelers’ bookings under one umbrella solution. The traveler simply forwards booking confirmations to an email address and Amadeus AI does the rest. In a case of a booking that does not fully list in the scheduler the app recognizes this and will ask the traveler for the missing info

Don’t miss a trip action, the app organizes each trip per date and time and displays the current trip event at the top. The active trip is expanded by default and the current trip step is shown. The next travel step shows added emphasis

Rain or shine, jacket or shorts? For each travel step, a forecast conditions icon and the temperature is displayed

What to do? Local events featured offers and nearby offers can be explored and booked right in the application. All travel steps and bookings are added to the events calendar view and an alert is created, so a traveling step is never missed

  • For each trip, the current active trip step is displayed at the top, and any relevant action for the step is displayed. When no relevant action is required that day, the next action is shown with a count down of days, then hours and minutes when the action is less than 24 hours away

    A relevant action or forecast is shown depending on the step. In this case, as the traveler is in a stay the phone icon will connect the traveler with the hotel front desk

  • Upcoming travel events are shown with the next step always in highlight. A forecasted conditions icon and temperature are shown

    In this example, the next travel event is by train. A timeline breakdown is displayed showing departures and transfers, including the forecasted weather and temperature conditions at the destination

  • A cross-population of events is displayed beneath travel steps when an event is scheduled during a trip. Event alerts are automatically set to display 24 hours in advance
  • Promotional offers for the location are displayed as CTA buttons. Selecting the offer inserts imagery and info. Some offers can be registered in the app, others present external links. All additional offers can be expanded
  • Upcoming trip buttons display travel type icons, trip dates, trip countdown, travel type, and destination. Expanding the section displays the upcoming trip similar to the active trip, but without any highlights of the information
  • The app menu gives quick access to feature sections of WEATHER, TRIPS, EVENTS, and OPTIONS. Alert icons are displayed for local and next destination weather, travel and event alerts and upcoming travel and event alarms