Simulcation Datacenter IBM Edition

Simulcation Datacenter is a collaborative application initiative from Simulcation AG and IBM Switzerland. Working with IBM and Alliance Partners since 2015 the Datacenter Simulation pilot was launched in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Designed as an educational training system for IBM internal employes and interested business partners, the data center simulator presents IBM products and services in an exciting new way through simulation and 3D graphics, while educating the participants in the wholistic operation of a business datacenter from data center software to business directives.


Over the course of 2.5+ years to date, the pilot program reached IBM internal employees, fifteen business partners, seven hundred learners, and over twenty thousand simulation lessons were completed by the students during this time.

Product Offer

Currently, the pilot program is complete. We can now offer interested parties their own deployment of the Simulator for employee I.T. training. Ten Basic Skills Lessons, designed to teach about the simulation and the basics of a Datacenter, are included with deployment. Additionally, New lessons can be added by using the included lesson editor online application.

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