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An evolution in Datacenter management education


Around 67% of businesses need to improve their educational offering, according to a Harvard Business Review. Simulcation was developed to offer solutions to the traditional problems associated with business training.

By adding all the benefits of simulated learning with gamification, Simulcation immerses users in an engaging environment - providing not just content, but experience.


In Simulcation Datacenter - the first of our simulations - users discover the real-life consequences of their decisions. By finding the right mix of products, services, and skills, they will make better choices and communicate the wider benefits to their organization in real terms.




'People trained on simulations do their job better, have higher skills, retain information longer and develop a strong belief in their ability and competence to perform in challenging situations.'

University of Colorado


Harvard Business Publishing asked a group of simulation authors questions about their experience using simulations (aka "sims") in the classroom. Their answers show that simulations challenge students to analyze available information and make critical decisions to solve a business challenge. While sometimes perceived as "video games," in fact, the best simulations allow students to experiment with ideas and outcomes and ultimately master the application of concepts to real situations.

Harvard University

Gain confidence in your decisions


Experience the challenges faced by datacenter managers and CIOs on a daily basis.


Add real-world hardware – cooling, UPS, routers, switches, security, storage, and servers – and see their impact.


Take your learning further with in depth information about specific hardware and service options.

See the bigger picture


Follow the impact of your decisions on customers, from a corporate perspective, as well as in the retail center.


Track your progress in managing your data center most efficiently, and race towards global domination by maximizing your profit margins.

Practice success


Learn to deal with challenges a datacenter manager faces on a regular basis. Experience the impact of outages and system failures, and see how changing your hardware and adding support services help you succeed.


Train up your virtual data center staff, and keep them happy, so they stay in your organization.


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Ready to take your training to the next level? By partnering your business with Simulcation, you can bring your datacenter products, components, and services into the simulation. Expose and advertise your solutions on a daily basis to our broad range of IT professionals in our virtual environment.

Simulcation and IBM

Simulcation has been developed in exciting partnership with IBM to solve many of the problems organizations traditionally face with training. Through an engaging, immersive and competitive simulated environment, professionals have the freedom to explore and learn in a new way.

About Us

Combining simulation technology, complex development elements, IT-expert knowledge and fun was a real challenge. But we have achieved a very good milestone and I am extremely proud of the team. We now have an amazing product available for our users and we continue to add features and optimizations.

Duncan Pond (COO)


Simulcation was founded by an experienced team of learning and gaming enthusiasts. It is our aim to provide our users a fun and valuable educational experience. We see no better way to do so then with a simulation. Combining deep Datacenter understanding and its component and processes with a simulation and gaming elements that is the base of Simulcation. Enjoy learning datacenter building elements and how they influence an organization.

Arlette Pond (Co-founder)







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